About Us

This little story begins with a lady with a passion for fashion.  She loved shopping for trendy clothes and accessories, you know, something a bit different from what you find on the high street!  As she got older the passion was still there but the availability of on-trend, comfy outfits became much more limited.  She had an idea to set up a business selling fab fashion aimed specifically at 35+ women still wanting to rock it!  She gathered friends together over a few glasses (ok, bottles!) of sauvignon in the name of conducting market research and YES, it was true! Other ladies felt the same and that's when the seed was sown.   

Getting the man of the house on-board with the idea was relatively easy (a few curries and beers) but then came the hard part (really, really hard).  Months of searching for suppliers made even more difficult as Covid arrived and all the trade shows were cancelled (help!!), many more months and late, late nights setting up a website (nightmare for a non-techie), oh and then recruiting social media expert daughter (phew) to set up Facebook and Instagram pages.   

How did we choose the name?  That was the easy part....the daughters gorgeous little woof Coco (aka Queenie) thinks she's a 'hooman'  and quite frankly, rules the roost so it was the obvious choice as we all Love-Coco (see what we did!).  

We love our little business and we hope you find lots of lovely things to make you look and feel completely fabulous!  

Fast forward to October 2021 when we got the keys to our high street boutique!  Weeks of refurbishing, mainly just the 2 of us working super long hours before we were finally ready to open the doors at the end of November.  It was a huge gamble but is definitely paying off thanks to our lovely, loyal customers.  

Last thing (we promise), just a great big thank you from us to you as your custom and on-line orders really does mean so much.  We hope you find something that you love x