The poncho is this season’s must-have layering piece and also a Love-Coco bestseller. Chic, modern and oh so versatile. Hands up, I admit it, I have 3 but don't judge me haha!  I love them thrown over a dress, jeans or quite frankly anything! 

So hands up who has owned a poncho before!  They appeared in the 1970s and ever since then they've re-appeared, stayed a while and then faded away only to reappear again later and become fashionable again.  However, with all the gorgeous styles and colours that are around this season, it's easier than ever to mix and match items with them. Gone are the traditional style tips and in are experimenting with looks that suit you and are perfect for a lots of different occasions.  It's a great alternative to a light coat or jacket and will take you from day to night, casual to smart-casual effortlessly.  They are most definitely a wardrobe staple piece that you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. 

We haven't quite got all the colours of the rainbow but we've done our best to hold as many of the popular colours as possible.  So far, lilac, grey and khaki have been the biggest sellers but my particular favourite is the cornflower blue.  It looks stunning over a black outfit, the main picture is me wearing the cornflower over the black maxi dress, teamed with some of our gorgeous blue accessories. I got quite a few positive comments about that outfit!  Size wise, they fit size 8-20 no problem.  The models are size 8 (beige), size 12 (blue) and size 18 (lilac) and as you can see they look fab regardless of the size difference.